"A family owned business that promotes healthy living and well-being through a total and complete rejuvenation of you body, mind, and spirit... live life with Sol."

Blu Sol Massage Spa is a family owned and operated, non-corporate structured company. We can tailor your service to meet your needs for optimal benefits of your service. We have employees and loyal customers that have been with us since 2008.

Blu Sol Massage Spa Tolleson began as the result of two health-conscious and environmentally-aware friends who put their ideas and values together to create a truly unique experience: affordable first-class All Organic & Natural Full Service Spa in an eco-friendly "green" environment.

At Blu Sol Massage Spa Tolleson, we love to make our clients feel confident about the choices they make for healthy living, and we know first-hand the importance of quality Skin & Body Therapy. Our professional staff understand the importance of your needs. Each of our professional staff is certified under local certification and licensing requirements and receives on-going training. We stand behind our therapist, estheticians, hair stylist and our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have designed our location to be eco-friendly. Blu Sol Massage Spa Tolleson is constructed with pure bamboo or tile floors in our welcoming and common areas, as well as eco-friendly carpet in our therapy rooms. Each therapy room uses low-voltage and energy efficient lighting. We use water-efficient bathroom fixtures and toilets. We require maximum participation in all recycling programs available to date.

Our passion for healthy and naturally restored skin and hair is very clear. Whether you enjoy therapeutic massage, organic facials and body treatments, the holistic approach to living is a personal choice. Our clients that come to Blu Sol Massage Spa Tolleson are ones that choose Whole Foods, and natural clean living. They respect and understand that every step to improving themselves and the environment we share is for a greater world.



"When you are a new client anywhere you don't know what to expect. I had received a Spa Finder gift card from my son and chose Blu Sol because it is located on the west side of town. I was promptly greeted upon entering and professionally taken care of from that point on. I had the most wonderful and relaxing facial. My esthetician couldn't have been any nicer, knowledgeable or experienced. I was pleasantly surprised to get a first-time discount. I was not pressured in any way to purchase anything other than the facial I had scheduled. I am definitely going to be visiting again in the near future. "

Anonymous 8/18/2014


"The best spa in the valley. I've had the privilege of having massages in numerous countries througout this world so my expectations were high. This is a top notch spa...absolutely lovely. "

Karen S.
Glendale, AZ 11/6/2014

"Excellent first experience! From the customer services up front to the moment I left. The Masseuse was amazing and i would definitely recommend this place"

Lindsey J
Laveen, AZ 10/19/2014












This is one of the best Spas in the west valley.  Great customer service, with experienced and knowledgeable staff.  It is under new management and is no longer associated with the previous owners.  The spam I received was from the location in Scottsdale which is still owned by the previous owner of the Tolleson Spa.  The name is the same but it is NOT the Blu Sol in Tolleson.  When I called the CORRECT company, the emails and spam stopped.
A visit to the Blu Sol in Tolleson is worth the trip.  You will be pleased with every aspect of their services.
Carolina B.